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Are You An Imposter ⛔?

...or do you suffer from imposter syndrome?

"I feel like a fake" "I am not smart enough" "I will be found out" “It’s all down to luck” People who suffer from imposter syndrome believe they do not deserve success and lack knowledge or expertise.

What kind of imposter are you?

The perfectionist When you make a mistake, do you have trouble letting it go? Are you generally over-prepared for meetings or presentations?

The Workaholic Do you feel pressured to work longer and harder than everyone else just to keep up with them? Do you seek out new responsibilities even when your plate is already full?

The Expert Do you believe knowledge is power? Do you think you need to know everything about a job before you do it? Do you constantly look for new training opportunities?

The Genius Do you give up on things that don't come easily to you? Are you sometimes ashamed to admit how long something took you to learn?

The Soloist Do you think you need to do and figure out everything on your own? Do you think needing help is a sign of failure that evokes shame?

What is the difference between people who feel like imposters and people who don't feel like imposters? They're no more intelligent, capable, competent, qualified than the rest of us. The only difference between them and us is in the exact same situation that triggers an imposter response in us, they are thinking different thoughts.... which is incredibly good news because it means all we have to do is learn how to think like non-imposters. How can you overcome imposter syndrome?

  1. Think like non-imposter : So what would you do if you thought you were ready?

  2. Rewrite your mental programmes: reframe failure as a learning opportunity

  3. Focus on your accomplishments and name your strengths; list what sets you apart

  4. Visualize success: do what professional athletes do, spend time beforehand picturing yourself succeeding

  5. Get a coach!

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