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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone to Reach Your Confidence Zone - KEYNOTE WOMEN SPEAKERS

What is your mental chatter telling you? Is your negative voice preventing you from doing what you want in life ? Or maybe even worse being who you really want to be?

Overcoming negative self-talk and releasing yourself of limiting beliefs takes commitment and a good dose of self-confidence. In her talk, Geraldine takes the audience on a journey to explore our inner fears, develop a mental game and the right muscles of confidence to live to our full potential. She shares with us how racing a triathlon has been a life changing experience for her and brings us in the open waters, on the road and in her mind to overcome her inner obstacles, self-doubts and physical exhaustion.

Geraldine uses the analogy between life and triathlon to inspire us to step out of our comfort zone and reach our confidence zone. Let Geraldine inspire you to beat your negative self-talk, change your narrative and unleash your full confidence!

Geraldine Gauthier is an executive coach, business owner, global keynote speaker and personal trainer. She inspires executives to reach peak performance by being mentally focussed, physically energised and emotionally connected. She runs a coaching school accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and offers a digital coaching toolbox to coaches and companies ( Her career began in the Finance Industry 20 years ago where she held various positions focused on change management, merger & integration and team development, including leadership roles in Asia & Europe.

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