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Develop  Your People
And Leadership At Scale.

With Group Coaching & Neuroscience-Based Frameworks 

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Are you looking for a consistent approach to develop your people and leadership at scale?


Scalable Solutions For Growth


Our Group Coaching model is supporting individuals and companies using a neuroscience-based framework to drive new behaviours, boost confidence and performance.



Management Acceleration Group Coaching Program

Hybrid flexibility, social skills erosions, GenZ expectations: as the world evolves, so do the expectations for what managers are responsible for, making their roles increasingly complex. 


New managers are required to be empathetic and adjust quickly to their new responsibilities. 

This group coaching program will equip managers to effectively lead the way in 2023 and beyond.



Start: March 2023

Lengths: 12-week program

Location: Online or Singapore

*1-on-1 Sessions also available 


Find Your Best-Fit Career

Group Coaching Program

You’re in the driver’s seat.

You deserve a fulfilling career.

Own your career now. Don't let anyone dictate your path. 

Boost your confidence with a professional coach and a group of peers. Explore what suits you, methodically, with proven tools.

This 6-step coaching program will help you define your IKIGAI, regain confidence about your competencies and develop a strong personal brand and develop a career plan.


Start: March 2023

Lengths: 12-week program

Location: Online or Singapore

*1-on-1 Sessions also available 


Training & Upskilling

Engaging Workshops

In 2023, savvy organizations will focus on developing a stronger workforce and equip employees with the right skills and abilities.

We support them with targeted workshops:

  • Empowerment: Coaching Skills for Leaders

  • Mental Health: Boost Your Energy 

  • Productivity: Courageous Conversations - How to say No 

  • DEI initiative: Personal Branding for Female Leaders

Connect with us for customised workshops and learning experiences


How it Works :
Coaching x Collective Intelligence

Group Coaching unlocks human potential in a collaborative, safe space, by harnessing the power of the individual and that of the group.

With intimate cohorts of up to ten individuals, Group Coaching Programs run for 12 weeks for a fraction of a cost of traditional coaching.


Digital assessments elevate the coaching experience with research-based tests and psychometrics tools. 

Group Coaching

Digital Companion

Peer Coaching Circles

Coaching & Upskilling Experience in Group or Private

Access to a digital assessments to elevate your coaching experience

Co-development with peers

The Founder
Geraldine Gauthier, Your Sparring Partner

I am all about Coaching: helping people find their sweet spot and tame their inner critics to grow their mind and startups.

My career began in the Finance Industry 20 years ago where I held leadership positions in London, Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore. 


During a merger in 2008, I became fascinated by how leaders behave, think and act in stressful environments. I decided to start my coaching journey as a leader. After several expatriations,  I tool the leap and created a coaching practice and a coaching school to help leaders & founders unlock their potential and empower their teams. 


 I am now proud to share I have helped:
- 50+ C-level Clients from Series A to MNCs
- 200+ Coaches to become ICF-certified
- 1000+ Executives from MNCs trained on Coaching, Leadership and Wellbeing



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