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Get to Know Geraldine GAUTHIER

I am all about Coaching. Helping people find their sweet spot and tame their inner critics to (finally) design the career they desire.
I coach leaders
I train coaches
I lead trainers
I have decided to quit the Banking world during a triathlon when I found my sweet spot: coaching people to be mentally, emotionally, and physical aligned.

I won the triathlon. It gave me the confidence to tame my inner critic and build my mental game. I took the leap and became an executive coach and a personal trainer.

I am now on a mission to amplify the ripple effect of coaching with a coaching school accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a digital coaching toolbox.

Since this serendipitous triathlon, I am proud to share that I have supported:
- 50+ C-level Clients from Series A to MNCs
- 200+ Coaches to become ICF-certified
- 1000+ Executives from MNCs trained on Coaching, Leadership and Wellbeing

My clients have helped me & my team grow and develop proven game-changing frameworks for Leaders, Coaches and Trainers.

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Speaking Engagements 

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