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How to Make Your First 100 Days Count

Most companies don’t have a productive onboarding process.

Do you agree? As an executive coach, I’ve seen up close the varied onboarding processes that companies have in place and I’ve decided to develop a coaching program to support my clients in their first 100 days. I always tell them "Don't wait for your employer to guide you when you start a new job. Own your onboarding process. Own your career." Here is a proven framework to create a strong impact in the first 100 days, a unique window of opportunity to set yourself up for success.

1. Prepare Your Pitch

  • What do you want people to say about you when you are not in the room? This is your personal brand!

  • Build a structured pitch

  • Present: Who you are

  • Past: What you have achieved

  • Future: Share your vision and enthusiasm

2. Visualize Your Success

  • Ask yourself: What is your vision for your role? What would you like to achieve? How can you overcome obstacles?

  • Visualize your success like athletes do: Create a mental imagery of your achievements in 1 month, 6 months, 1 year. Great technique to overcome impostor syndrome!

3. Map Your Stakeholders: Ask yourself

  • Who are your key stakeholders?

  • Who are your potential allies?

  • Who sets the tone in the office?

  • What are the circles of influence?

  • Look beyond the org chart, draw a map

  • List 10 names and schedule meetings

4. Form Alliances

  • Schedule 1-on-1 meetings

  • Identify their strengths and drivers

  • Identify their pain points – empathize

  • Identify how you can help them

  • Listen more than you speak. Absorb the culture. Set the groundwork for win-win relationships. You can go a long way when you know people’s strengths and drivers.

5. Write a Fresh-Eye Report

  • Note all your first impressions in a report

  • What surprises you?

  • What is efficient?

  • What is dysfunctional?

  • Share your fresh perspective

  • Bring in new ideas

6. Secure Quick-Wins

  • Identify early wins

  • Identify symbolic changes

  • Create a momentum

  • Circle back with your key stakeholders

  • Share plans & recommendations: Start doing - Stop doing - Continue doing

What technique has helped you succeed in your roles? Share with us!

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