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Why I Struggled To Get Clients (And The Lessons I've Learned the Hard Way)

I struggled to get clients.

I am not alone. The coaching industry is crowded.

Here is what I’ve learned the hard way to build my coaching business:

❌ Mistake 1 : Selling Coaching, Selling Processes

No one wants to buy coaching. People want to buy OUTCOMES.

The day I understood that, my conversion rate shifted from 20% to 80%.

✅Lesson : Share success stories, share possibilities.

Ask : What would success look like if we were to work together?”

❌Mistake 2: Wanting to coach everyone

“If I “niche down”, I will reduce the number of potential clients”

✅Lesson: This is the exact opposite. To survive in this crowded industry, differentiate yourself. Narrow down your niche.

❌Mistake 3: Loving Coaching, Despising the Business of Coaching

This is what holds me back from growing my practice. ….Until I discovered that my coaching skills were my best selling assets.

✅Lesson: Leverage your coaching skills to become a great salesperson:

· Understand your client’s pain points with empathy

· Listen actively and ask powerful questions.

· Create a sense of urgency to create positive changes (and get hired, now!)

❌Mistake 4: Being afraid to post on Social Media

Social Media h

as become an embodiment of our fears; fears of criticism and fear of failure. But as an entrepreneur, this is a critical tool.

✅Lesson: Stick to your values. Stick to your mission,

People might judge you but people will see you; who you are, how you want to help and the impact you want to make.

What lessons have you learned to grow your business ?

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